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Legal Remedy India is a value-oriented comprehensive support, specifically located in Chandigarh, providing services to law firms in all major business areas. We focus on clean and tidy offices, and we have a dedicated, well-defined team of experts who are responsible for paying appropriate legal consulting fees and understanding how to manage competent agents for our clients. Our terrifying society is known for its honesty and proven ability.
Legal Remedy India is an established legal firm that helps its clients in solving their legal disputes. Now you can receive legal help at all times with the help of our firm. We are a strong team of lawyers and legal advisors, and are ever ready to help you out with your case files. our services are rooted in different fields like:


Family Lawyers In Chandigarh

Family lawyers are very important because these are the disputes which are needed to be dealt delicately with. Our team of attorneys are well-versed with the important methodologies of courting the ball to our client’s side. Our firm knows how to safeguard our client and his choice. We offer one of the best divorce lawyer in Chandigarh. We offer the best child custody services and our expert team always gets what our clients want. We have well practised attorneys. Our firm is always determined to bring the best results.
We provide our clients the best deals and the best people.


Civil Lawyers In Chandigarh
Civil law is a wide range of law. There are several tricky ways around the paths of civil law. Our firm offers the best lawyers around the city. We have people with experience who can help you down this roughly trodden path. We have excellent consultants who offer you the best advice on any legal decision. Civil law is very widely practiced as majority cases fall under this category and hence, it is very important to pay equal heed to every case and every client. We absolutely know how to make our client’s wish come true. Legal Remedy India is a firm with a lot to offer, you just have to explore.

Criminal and Cyber

With a team of the best criminal lawyers in chandigarh, Legal Remedy India is ready to provide you the remedies of your legal disputes. We are very well invested in the best interest of our clients and we aspire to do better every time. There is a long list of our clients going on about their extremely smooth experience with us, and we always hope to keep the list going. Therefore, we have professionals as cunning as foxes who know well about their assignment and do what the client wants them to do.

We know the spectrum of cyber crimes these days and we have included an expert attorney team for cyber law. With well trained professionals, our clients are definitely satisfied with the outcomes in their favor. Legal Remedy India has the best clientele record and we wish to maintain it. Therefore, we offer top notch services with our 100 per cent effort.

Motor accidents

The very common factor of disputes, motor accidents have a very strong department in our firm. With a special place in the firm, even the clients enjoy their time with us. we are always careful with our actions and always do the right thing. You just have to find us. Choose us, because selecting the correct attorney is the first step in winning a motion. Our firm is always ready to help its clients. We have a workforce carefully selected and trained; and the best criminal and divorce lawyers in Chandigarh. Legal Remedy India is the right choice and you are in the right hands if you give us a chance.

So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for young lawyers in Chandigarh, criminal defense lawyers in Chandigarh, best divorce lawyer in Chandigarh, individual Chandigarh lawyers and real estate lawyers in Chandigarh, or you are seeking a legal interview, please feel free to contact us. Call us. 9417067987 We will hit you up ASAP.


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