Child Custody

Child Custody Lawyer in Chandigarh

Child custody lawyer in Chandigarh

Our specialist child custody lawyer in Chandigarh offers you the best possible legal help and provides all the custody arrangement that will help you to get your child’s custody.

If you’re considering to dissolve the marriage and you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement for your child’s custody, then you need to appoint a top-rated child custody lawyer in Chandigarh to submit a petition in the courtroom on your behalf for custody.

The Guardians and Wards Act, 1890 is a universal law that is all about regulation and issues that involve the subject of child custody or guardianship in India.

Being a secular nation India practices many religions like Hindu, Christian, and Islam. Every religion has its own law for child guardianship which regulates the process through which guardians can get the custody of their child.

According to the ‘Honorable Supreme Court’ of our nation father has been considered as a more powerful and dominating personality. But as per the proposed law, whatever option will be the most suitable for the child, the same will be acceptable.

Who Can Seek the Custody of Child?

The question of child custody comes at the time of separation. While deciding the child guardianship, the court looks into all the essential aspects which is best for the child.
Whosoever, gets the child custody becomes the main caretaker, but it does not mean that the other one (non-custodial parent) loses all rights. A non-custodial mother or father can meet and spent time with their kid. This can happen on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis according to the mutual understanding of the divorcee couple.

Key Points Considered by Court While Deciding the Child Guardianship.

How Our Child Custody Attorney Helps You in the Whole Legal Procedure?
We at Legal Remedy India own a team of professionals that helps divorcee couples to get the custody of a child so that the best one can nurture their child in the best possible way.

Being a leading child custody lawyer we take care of all the important aspects that can help you to get your child’s custody and we also ensure the court gets fully-satisfied with our petition and we succeed in getting the custody of the child.


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