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  1. Domain Name Dispute: We provide free guidance as to Domain Name Dispute Matters. And can render professional help filing complaint or defending a UDRP or INDRP matter. We have helped existing clients in UDRP matters involving LeeCooper, Blaupunkt and Tumblr trademarks. In case you have received an INDRP or UDRP notice, please fill up the form below to get in touch !
  2. Cyber Law: In these days of Cyber Crime, it is quite necessary that your website is in compliance with Law of the Land. The service include drafting of agreements, website terms, disclaimer, privacy policy, etc. And also legal advise and assistance as to filing of cyber law complaints with appropriate authorities, including police, adjudication officer, etc.
  3. Taxation matters: Consultancy in Income Taxation matter, including filing of Income Tax Returns and Tax Planning. Also all kind of services relating to Sales Tax and Service Tax are also available.
  4. Registration matters: We offer various kind of registraton services, which include Company, Trademark, Copyrights, Society/NGO, LLP, etc.
  5. Other Civil matters including Matrimonial Disputes, Recovery Suits, Property Disputes, etc.
  6. Criminal Matters such as Defamation, Bouncing of cheques, Bail, etc.

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